• The difference between our themes on Themeforest vs. Obox

    The difference is that if you purchase the theme from ThemeForest you will get access to our support and help for 6 months. If you purchase the theme from Obox you will receive access to support and help for 12 months.

    Do you provide theme support?

    In both cases we will provide you with top class theme support in order to help you make a smooth transition when installing or using your theme.

    With dedicated forum support there will always be help on hand! Our support package is provided with any theme that you purchase directly from Obox. You will be able to get help when installing and using our enhanced OCMX functionality which allows you to do things such as create galleries or manage your advertising.

    Please note that only those who have bought a theme from Obox will get access to our forum support. When you purchase a theme you will be asked to register your email and password details, once payment is complete you will get full access to our support forums after logging in to your profile.

  • What benefits does ‘Membership’ have over ‘Theme Pack’?

    Membership gives you access to our full collection of current and future WordPress themes released over the course of your membership subscription. Membership includes WordPress themes as well as micro themes sold directly through Obox. You will be billed every month until you cancel your subscription. Future theme updates are only available as long as you stay subscribed to Obox.

    Theme Packs give you access to one theme plus a bonus theme and you will receive lifetime updates to that theme and the bonus theme.

    Single Pack vs. Developer Pack

    A Single Pack license is recommended to bloggers who just want a plug and play solution without any special frills or spills. The Standard User License allows you unlimited downloads of your chosen theme and it can be used on as many domains as you wish.

    A Developer Pack License is for the more advanced user who would like to use our themes as a base to create an even more awesome theme. You will be supplied with all the layered Fireworks and Photoshop files along with any other special files we used to create the theme such as scanned in drawings or hand drawn fonts.

  • Theme Updates

    Full access to theme updates & enhancements.

    If at any time we release enhanced or updated versions of our themes you will get full access to the new downloads.

    If I don’t like my theme can I get a refund?

    Obox Themes does have a 14 day money back guarantee which you can read more about on our refunds page.