I was at the race track exactly one year ago when one of my fellow competitors asked me to create a site for them. I said “why not use one of our themes?” and then it dawned on me that there isn’t really a WordPress theme out there which suits the showcasing of talent. Obox themes included.

When I got back from the track I immediately sent a mail to the rest of the team about the need for a truly special talent theme.


The result? Ambition.


Months in the making and tested on a level that we’ve never done before, we’re proud to present you with a thorough WordPress Theme which will allow talented folk such as yourself to truly show off your capabilities.


Features, that you’ll actually use…

Refinement and a clear understanding of what is needed has resulted in brilliant features and functionality available in Ambition:



This feature enables you to show people an event that you’re going to be at or hosting. Using events you can add dates, sound clips, videos and a map of where the event is held.



List all your achievements and goals with this post type. You can list achievements in different categories, such as work or sport, and you can feature your most proud achievements on the homepage. Achievements will be a big part of future development with this theme and others. As more of you use it we will caters for more requirements from our users.



Are you a musician, band member or DJ? If so then you can embed your latest Soundcloud music clips. You can also include a write up and let visitors comment on each Audio post. Rocking.



Want to show off your videos? Ambition enables you to post hosted video from the likes of Vimeo and Youtube or self-hosted which you’ve uploaded to WordPress.



One of the most important things when being a sportsman is your sponsors. We’ve made sure to give you the opportunity to give them as much showtime as possible. Add their logos, descriptions, links and even video of each backer that you have.



Upload the latest images from your most recent events, allow visitors to comment on each one and link to relevant sponsors or events.


Contact details

We’ve created a contact details widget which allows you to add your contact number and/or email address. With your amazing talent and showcase of your skills you need a clear way for your fans and prospective sponsors to contact you.



Ambition is the first Obox Theme to make full use of the new customization API implemented in the latest version of WordPress.

You’ll now be able to update the look and feel of your theme through a visual preview window! This makes image and color selection 100 times easier and quicker to do and once you’re happy, simply click save and you’re good to go.


No more timthumb!

This may only be relevant to the more advanced WordPress users, but we are so excited to have finally negated the use of Timthumb. Ambition makes full use of the WordPress Thumbnail feature, meaning easier installation on a wider range of servers and much better security. Beyond awesome.


Expanding on an amazing core offer

Knowing full well that there are many aspects of a talent theme which you’ll require than those we’ve already implemented or even may have missed in Ambition, we have every intention to iterate this theme for a long long time. Areas such as the events and achievements section will grow and become more refined over time as we gather feedback from you.


We want this theme to evolve into the only option when it comes to showing off your talents to sponsors, friends, family and prospective opportunities.

So, we’ve shown you our ambition, time to show us yours.

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